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Tibetan Sing Bowls Darwin

The Use of Tibetan Singing Bowls as an Alternative Health Remedy

Power your burning passion for music through Tibetan singing bowls’ harmonious blaze of synchronized melody!

Tibetan singing bowls are musical instruments that are used in a variety of ways, mostly to induce relaxation and meditation. Singing bowls have been used ever since during the ancient period by the Buddhist monks for meditation and religious purposes. These percussion instruments are also used to perform ceremonial music for traditional ritual offerings and for praying.

Say no to gloomy days! As more and more people prefer alternative medicinal practices, the use of Tibetan singing bowls has proportionally surged high. Nowadays, Tibetan singing bowls are not only used to promote meditation, it is now rampantly used for medical purposes through utilizing singing bowl’s music in the performance of sound therapy.

Sound therapy, also known as music therapy, is a form of alternative medicine that uses the power of sound to enhance the overall well-being of a person. It implies the use of musical interventions to achieve individualized therapeutic results. Sound therapy primarily aids a person to enhance his/her health in several aspects which includes his/her cognitive functions, motor skills, emotional strength, social development, and overall quality of life through the efficient use of sound exposures and music experiences.

If you haven’t tried sound massage yet, you surely haven’t utilize the power of sound in its fullest extent! Sound massage makes use of the soft, high frequency sound waves produced every time Tibetan singing bowls sing! It is wildly used as a soothing tool for holistic relaxation and healing as it helps in calming our nervous system and in stimulating our brain to function at its best.

How does Tibetan singing bowls do its therapeutic benefits? Tibetan singing bowls creates a sturdy vibration in addition to a deep, rich tone every time they are played. Several singing bowls advocates claim that these vibrations, upon reaching our senses, signal our brain to secrete vital hormones and enzymes that make positive enhancements to our overall well-being. These substances helps in the reduction of stress levels that are accumulated in our body, hence harmonizing our cells and putting our entire system into equilibrium.

Singing bowls’ ability to produce wonderful notes every time they are hit, tapped, struck, or even rubbed has not been a secret. People have always known the glorious tunes Tibetan singing bowls are capable of creating. Make your own therapeutic music by securing yourself a piece of Tibetan singing bowl at Singing Bowls Darwin!

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