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The Use of Water to Add a Special Sound Effect to Tibetan Singing Bowls

Experience the highest form of enlightenment with Tibetan singing bowls’ tunes, your priceless pieces of history!

The popularity of Tibetan sensing bowls has allowed its industry to boom. Tibetan singing bowls have become one of the most sought for tools not just for relaxation and meditational practices, but also in architectural set up. Several techniques have evolved ever since Tibetan singing bowls captured the interest of the public. One of which includes adding water to the bowl to generate sounds that go beyond what has been commonly heard for Tibetan singing bowls.

Get ready to catch jaws as they will certainly drop upon knowing how a small amount of water can bring so much distinctiveness in Tibetan singing bowls’ rhythm! The use of water to add quality on the sound Tibetan singing bowls has been considered a special sound effect that brings out the exquisiteness of the famed instrument.

Steps on How to Add Water in Tibetan Singing Bowls

  1. Gather all the materials needed which includes the Tibetan singing bowl, mallet, and water.
  2. Pour about 3/4” of water into the bowl. Make it certain that the water does not reach the outside rim of the Tibetan singing bowl. The volume of water varies between different Tibetan singing bowls.
  3. Hold the Tibetan singing bowl with your hands.
  4. Using the Tibetan singing bowl’s mallet, play the bowl by hitting the bowl around its rim. You can stabilize the volume of the sound by using a steady, even pressure.
  5. Allow the Tibetan singing bowl to resonate the sounds it produced by pulling the mallet away from the bowl rim.
  6. While still holding the bowl with your hands, gently tilt the Tibetan singing bowl in a way that the water inside it will slightly lap up toward the inside of the rim.
  7. Lightly make a swirling motion while tilting the bowl and shifting the water inside it.
  8. Repeat this process to continuously produce the dolphin-like sound.

Feel free to experiment with the amount of water you put in the Tibetan singing bowl. Most of the time, the most pleasant sound is generated by using a minimum amount of water. Do not forget to always keep a towel in hand in case of spills!

The sound produced by using this unique technique is comparable to the sound produced by dolphins when they sing. Get your own Tibetan singing bowl at Singing Bowls Hobart and discover your own playing techniques!

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