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Tibetan Sing Bowls Melbourne

Things to Look For When Buying Tibetan Singing Bowls

Create a more enjoyable Tibetan singing bowl experience by knowing the basic things to look for when buying Tibetan singing bowls! Not all old bowls are good bowls! Surely you cannot just entirely rely on Tibetan singing bowls’ age to determine its value.


Do not get blinded by too much excitement to the point that you’ll let imperfections slip through your meticulous eyes. Learn at least the basics on how to scrutinize the look and the sound high quality Tibetan singing bowls produce.

Unfortunately, several people cannot tell the difference between singing bowls made with mediocrity and those that are created with high regards to exquisiteness. Real Tibetan singing bowls are made to last at least a century. One can easily distinguish the quality Tibetan singing bowls possess through taking a glimpse of its shape, its internal and external patterns, its overall thickness, and the sound it create.

Shape – Tibetan singing bowls that have bizarre shapes tend to be more superior, in terms of overall quality, to those singing bowls which look exactly alike.

Patterns – the intricacy of the patterns that Tibetan singing bowls possess is directly proportional to its quality. This only signifies that the more complex its patterns are, the higher quality it represent.

Thickness – high quality Tibetan singing bowls are made of thick and hard metals such as bronze, silver, and gold. You cannot just expect a high quality Tibetan singing bowl to look paper thin.

Sound – Tibetan singing bowls that display excellence in quality resonate sound more efficiently than those poorly made singing bowls. You might want to perform a sound check first before you opt for a purchase!


Always consider the usage of everything you buy before you pay your checks! Determine what you will use the Tibetan singing bowl for, whether for meditation, for grounding, or as a musical instrument. Why does this matter? Defining the usage of Tibetan singing bowls before making the actual purchase is vital for you to give yourself an opportunity to integrate few features into the existent modality. You may not at first feel it, but the usage of these renowned hand percussion instruments will cause a significant impact to the level of satisfaction you will get from your singing bowls. No Tibetan singing bowl is exactly alike, hence, it is a good idea and an equally great move to know what you will use the singing bowls for before you buy them.

Step out of the rush and do not afraid to take time in deciding which Tibetan signing bowl would suit you best. Complete your singing bowl procurement at Singing Bowls Melbourne and make every purchase of Tibetan singing bowl an investment!

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