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Tibetan Sing Bowls Sydney

Life Lessons Tibetan Singing Bowls Teach Us

Tibetan singing bowls are more than just a simple piece of a percussion instrument, for some, it is a way of life. Tibetan singing bowls possess some lessons that are equally applicable to life, learn all these and live your life bearing these golden lessons.

Say No to Tension

By saying no to tension means loosening your grip, both in holding Tibetan singing bowls and in dealing with life. The quality of sound that Tibetan singing bowls generate is directly affected by the way you hold the bowl itself. If you hold the Tibetan singing bowl too tightly, it won’t sing. On the other hand, Tibetan singing bowls will create beautiful tunes if you hold the singing bowl lightly while applying even pressure on it.

Similarly, unwanted tension is usually what hinders us in enjoying the things we currently have. Instead of living into life’s inevitable hardships, go see the brighter side of each situations. To relish the results you desire, do not clutch too tightly on things that surround you, may it be your career, relationships, or ambitions.

Be an Advocate for Consistency

In order to get better notes from playing your Tibetan singing bowls, you need to consistently apply even pressure upon striking it. Varying the pressure you exert on playing your singing bowl will definitely not generate great results.

Some people say, nothing is constant but change. However, not all changes yield beneficial results. It won’t hurt if you apply consistency in every aspect in your life, especially if you use it to maintain positive attributes. Yes spontaneity is good sometimes, but nothing beats the organized results of being consistent.

Make Patience Your Virtue

Learning how to play Tibetan singing bowls for the first time is certainly not easy. You will need to gather all your patience first if you really want to hear the majestic melody Tibetan singing bowls are capable of producing. You may even stumble upon difficulties that you can’t figure out what is making it sound wrong. If you don’t have enough patience in you, you will end up thinking that Tibetan singing bowls are not for you.

For you to be able to successfully conquer life’s inescapable battles, you need to arm yourself with the virtue of patience. With this, you will definitely end up a victor.

Do Not Be Afraid To Make Your Own Path

There are always multiple paths that you may choose to take, find that one path that best works for you! Do not be afraid to make mistakes, as you can learn more if you come across with it. There are several techniques in playing Tibetan singing bowls, feel free to use these techniques or make a new one.

Get yourself a piece of Tibetan singing bowls at Singing Bowls Sydney and enjoy playing your singing bowl as you enjoy living your life!

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